7 Reason You Must Add Avocado In Your Diet – Avocado Benefits

Avocado fruit has a distinctive place in the list of exotic fruits. While most of us only crave for the fruit for its buttery taste, But the healthy fruit’s benefits are amazing. Once you learn the Health benefits of avocado and avocado nutrition, you will certainly add this fruit in your daily diet.
Interestingly, unlike most fruits, avocados are rich in healthy fats. The fruit is gaining popularity amongst the health conscious prime for its nutrition values. Let us discuss the health benefits of avocado and avocado nutrition values

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Proven Health Benefits of Green Tea

Origin Healthiest member of the tea family, following the same oxidation process as black tea and other Chinese teas, green tea origins from the East Asia region. It is extracted from the camellia sinesis leaves (evergreen shrubs) where the latter literally means a “tea flower”. The variety of green tea differs according to the climatic variations, harvest conditions, horticulture methods and production process. Regular consumption of this tea in any form, as infused leaves, powdered dry leaves or liquid, can raise our immune level and provide us with other health benefits.

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Know everything about Endoscopic Spine Surgery

Endoscopic Spine Surgery in India is a procedure in which your spine surgeon will use the specialized video cameras and instruments which they passed through small incisions that have been made up of less than 2 cm into your chest, abdominal or joint cavities. Endoscopic Spine Surgery is a procedure through which your spine surgeon will able to treat the number of back or spinal injuries and they make sure that they would be only little damage to the tissues surrounding the area as possible. Endoscopic surgery is one of the best spine surgeries as it results in lesser blood loss and lowers rates of complication. As this is a spinal procedure which only requires small incisions which is less than 2cm and hence there is less scarring.

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How to Get Best Eye Surgery in India

India is a country where people from other developed western countries travel for their eye-related disorders as we have the best and leading eye hospitals in India and We Care India is a medical tourism company which has a tie-up with many best eye hospitals in India where you will get the world-class facilities with modern infrastructure. These hospitals have trained eye surgeons who offer a well-equipped facility for the eye examination, diagnosis, and treatment to all kind of eye-related problems.

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Reason Why You Must Do Yoga Daily

The precision of a basic yoga routine including the asanas, mudras and breathing activities. It allows freedom of connection between our mind, soul, and body, hence it improves attentiveness and relieves stress.
Yoga has its roots in the Hindu Upanishads, the word YOGA means “union”, the goal of Yoga is to sync one’s transitory (temporary) self, “JIVA” with the infinite “BRAHMAN” concerning the cosmos. It is a form of natural workout focusing on our mental and physical fitness.

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5 Benefits You Can Enjoy When You Have A Primary Care Physician

Who is a primary care physician? Well, a primary care physician is someone who has profound knowledge of family medicine and internal medicine. He is someone whom you’re likely to contact first when a family member falls sick.

According to the researchers at the journal Health Affairs, patients can manage chronic diseases in a better and cost-effective way when they have a primary care physician. The satisfaction rate is also very high.

Here are the 5 other benefits you can enjoy when you have a primary care physician.

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5 Body Skin Parts That May Turn Dark and the Reasons They Do

The skin is the largest human body organ. It works essentially and distinctly from others as it functions as a protective covering of the body in general. It’s hard and hurtful to imagine yourself without your skin and its huge help, so it is important that you take care of it the best way possible.

Many different problems are experienced by the skin is the shield of the body against external and environmental factors. One of these is the negative changes in its pigmentation. The skin can turn into a different color or tone based on what it gets in contact with and what affects it.

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